Keep calm when your buttons are pushed
Zip up those jeans without muffin top
Power your day without napping under the desk
Feel so good, you get jealous of yourself
Have your body match who you are

7 mistakes even healthy people make
(how you can save the cost)...

Attn: plant-based beginners (or vets)

Want to begin (or boost) plant-based eating for energy, weight loss and “reverse aging?”

But don’t know how to make it really work for you?

Maybe it seems time-consuming? Or missing in nutrients or flavors?

I help plant-based beginners (or vets) feel energized, light and confident faster and smarter, without tons of time or missing nutrients and flavors…

even if you don’t want to be “vegan”
even if you’re sick of salads
even if you’re kitchen challenged
even if others aren’t on board

Hi I’m Lara, Nutritionist & Mindfulness Facilitator, with a plot twist.

After growing up in the diet and fitness industry, a couple Ivy degrees, and helping scores of folks, I was eating what any would consider healthy: organic whole plant foods, macros, solid plant protein, the right supps, etc.

Then one day, I just didn’t feel great—like an undesired un-comfy version of my body, health and self…

After a maze of “post-grad” research I discovered a slew of mistakes even healthy eaters make, plant-based (or not)! I went from almost wondering if my best days were starting to be behind me too soon to feeling as good as ever. This led to my proven 3-step process for beginning or boosting plant-based eating for “reverse aging”—more energy, weight-loss and rejuvenation.


“After a hectic day, I noticed complete calm. That was terrific.”

Online Participant

“This wasn’t too trendy or too academic. It was intelligent, thought provoking, and timely.”

Corporate Participant

“Suddenly my clothes fit that hadn’t for years. My stomach’s gone. Its very successful.”

Individual Client

“Thanks—it will change my life.”

Seminar Participant

“This is important. I don’t talk at home. Now I will. Thank you.”

Worksite Participant

“I want to thank you. This was different because it changed my life.”

9-Year Old Participant

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