Zip up those jeans without a muffin top
Have energy for all the plans in your head
Keep calm when your buttons are pushed
Have your body match who you really are
Feel so good, you get jealous of yourself!

7 mistakes even healthy people make

Are you feeling less comfy & confident in your body as you get older?

Maybe clothes fit differently or tighter in certain areas?

Or energy has waned, with increasing life demands?

Yet there's conflicting diet info out there, it's hard to know what to trust?

Or you're piecemealing info together and seeing some results, but not how you'd like?

I help 40+ feel energized, light and confident, faster and smarter, with plant-rich nutrition industry knowledge, so that you can feel like yourself again.

Even if you've tried other things including hormones

Hi I’m Lara, Nutritionist & Mindfulness Facilitator, with a plot twist.

After growing up in the diet and fitness industry, a couple Ivy degrees, and helping scores of folks, I was eating what any would consider healthy: organic whole plant foods, macros, enough protein, etc.

Then shortly after turning 40, I just didn’t feel great—like an older un-comfy version of my body, health and self.

After going back to the books and a maze of research, I discovered the shifts in our body (beyond hormones) especially in this day and age AND how to use nutrition to "reverse" them.

I went from almost wondering if my best days were suddenly behind me to feeling as good as ever. This led to my proven system for feeeling and looking great after 40.


“After a hectic day, I noticed complete calm. That was terrific.”

Online Participant

“This wasn’t too trendy or too academic. It was intelligent, thought provoking, and timely.”

Corporate Participant

“Suddenly my clothes fit that hadn’t for years. My stomach’s gone. Its very successful.”

Individual Client

“Thanks—it will change my life.”

Seminar Participant

“This is important. I don't speak up at home. Now I will.”

Worksite Participant

“I want to thank you. This was different because it changed my life.”

9-Year Old Participant

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