7 mistakes even healthy people make...

Whether you want to power up the day, button those jeans without cutting into your waist, or simply own the room, it’s not just the food or fitness. It’s also simple deeper awareness to navigate stressors that throw off our intentions. Here, we add that into the equation, helping you not only weather the storms, but even make them work for you.

Wellness Motivational Speaking

Lara provides speaking for stress management, nutrition and fitness—separately or linked together as the Trifecta Method®—including on-the-spot interactive practices. She draws upon years in the wellness industry, plus a theatre background, for an eye-opening, engaging experience for your group or venue.

All topics incorporate evidence-based mindfulness facilitation, used by high tech, pro sports and more, applied to your own wellness for stress to weight management.

Lara tailors specific topics and lengths to the needs of your group or venue, ranging from an hour to 5-hour daylong to 4-week program. Also suited for corporate retreats and wellness programs.

Lara books groups or venues by referral or inquiry. Find out how you can book Lara for your next event.


Wellness Company Consulting

Lara develops a wellness program or tunes up an existing one, curated for your company, using industry standards and best practices. Topics include stress management, nutrition and/or fitness, based on her signature Trifecta Method®, in part or in whole. This may include a team of health professionals as needed.

Company consulting fuses in evidence-based mindfulness, used by high tech, pro sports and more, applied to your own wellness for stress to weight management.

Lara accepts companies by referral or application. Find out Lara’s rates and how you can apply for company consulting.

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“After a hectic day, I noticed complete calm. It was great. That was terrific.”

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“This wasn’t too trendy or too academic. It was intelligent, thought provoking, and timely.”

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“Suddenly my clothes fit that hadn’t for years. My stomach’s gone. Its very successful.”

Individual Client

“Thanks—it will change my life.”

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“This is important. I don’t talk at home. Now I will. Thank you.”

Worksite Participant

“I want to thank you. This was different because it changed my life.”

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