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Professional Bio

Lara is a highly trained Nutritionist, Mindfulness Facilitator, and Pilates/Barre Teacher, from LA, NYC (and originally DC). She's led scores of folks from A-Listers to the everyman, live onsite, streaming live online, and on live network TV.

Trained at Columbia University, Cornell University and UCLA Semel Institute for Neuroscience, she helps people feel good in their own body, mind and life.


Lara is an eMindful Teacher. As a speaker, she's led seminars for diverse sectors: stressed corporate settings including Wall Street, time-crunched UCLA staff, a dozen jam-packed Equinox clubs, pressured fashion models prepping for shows, underserved schools in Harlem and Compton, and more. She's also been an on-camera spokesperson, below.


“Come back to an awareness wiser than thinking. Come back to an awareness kinder than thinking.”
Lara Leone

As a spokesperson, Lara's represented Del Monte pineapple for high vitamin C (which she eats almost daily), Adidas apparel worn in the Olympics for daily performance, Knudsen and more. As a TV guest expert, she's dished advice on Oxygen, MTV, Fox and more. She was a recurring nutrition and fitness expert on The WB/CW morning show in NYC, including for sweeps, for 3 years.

In print, her simple wellness advice has been penned in Mensa Bulletin, quoted in NY Daily News and Self , and delved into in Weight Watcher’s, SI Advance, Mode and GQ stating early on, “I highly recommend raiding your piggy bank for at least one session with…Lara!” A fitness model during grad school, she booked Reebok Catalogue, Fitness Magazine and more. A teen jock, the LA Times named her a defender selected to the CA A-1 soccer team.

Lara holds a Columbia University, M.S. in Applied Physiology and Nutrition, Cornell University, B.A. in Biology and Society, and UCLA Semel Institute certification as a Mindfulness Facilitator. She is also certified in Plant-Based Nutrition, as well as Pilates, Barre and formerly Fitness Training. As a speaker, she draws upon classical theatre training and is a member of SAG-AFTRA.

Q & A

with Lara

What's your mission?

My mission is to help you feel energized, light and confident, especially as you get older, so that with each and every year, your best ones are yet to come. I share industry insider secrets about nutrition and health, which can be done in part or in whole. According to participants, in part can change your day; in whole can change your life.


Here's why... When was the first time you stressed about the idea of getting older? Clients as young as 23 have reported feeling like a grandma, energy wise. I started as young as 29. I was on a date, with a kindred spirit (also 29) who said, “Oh look we have matching lines on our left eye.” If my skin was getting some wear and tear so young, what other organs were too?!

Well... by 40, I started to get heart palpitations (even without saturated fat). My mom had been hospitalized for arrhythmia in her 50s, and I didn’t want that to happen to me. Then came less energy, gut issues and temperature fluctuations, and more.

Ultimately, I was able to reverse it all with nutrition, without even addressing hormones, and that's what I teach others.

We can rewrite our story about how we feel and look in our own body and life, especially after 40. It’s never too late and it’s never too early, 70s to 20s, to tap in.

How did you get into the field?

Jane Fonda and Richard Simmons! I watched BFF-mom in the pilots of Jane Fonda’s first-ever women’s strength video and Richard Simmons first-of-its-kind meal plan (and participated as the youngest participant). She's a therapist and her sister M.D. was Public Health Commissioner of New Mexico. Helping people's in my DNA. I was studying to become a physical therapy doc. But I had so much confusion around nutrition, I became a Nutritionist and then Mindfulness Facilitator for stress-management

Why did you start eating plant-powered?

At age 3, when I learned where burgers came from, I didn’t want to eat them, but I went on to chug meat loafs, poultry, dairy, eggs – the whole nine -- on the regular. Then, cutting all that out seemed so crazy. Then, when not feeling great one day, someone suggested doing just that, and it felt great. Then when a friend ordered fish one day with the eyeballs intact, I lost my appetite for seafood. Then on a Middle East trip, I happened to be fully plant-based without meaning to, and it was the best week. I just kept going.

Ultimately plant-rich nutrition at any level can really support our body as it gets older. But there are keys to supporting these shifts to get real results.

If you’re struggling with energy, weight and health, more and more as you get older, you're in the right place.

I help people over 40 feel energized, lean and confident, with plant-rich nutrition insider secrets, to feel like yourself again.

Then you can write your very own story about your body and life.

What’s your story now? What do you want it to be?

“After a hectic day, I noticed complete calm. That was terrific.”

Online Participant

“This wasn’t too trendy or too academic. It was intelligent, thought provoking, and timely.”

Corporate Participant

“Suddenly my clothes fit that hadn’t for years. My stomach’s gone. Its very successful.”

Individual Client

“Thanks—it will change my life.”

Seminar Participant

“This is important. I don't speak up at home. Now I will.”

Worksite Participant

“I want to thank you. This was different because it changed my life.”

9-Year Old Participant