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Elon Musk’s Mom Gave Me This Advice

Deterred by something? Do whatever you have to do, according to Elon Musk's mom. At the time I didn't know she was his mom. I knew her name had a ring, Maye Musk, but hadn't put the two together.

I was working as a Speaker and Nutritionist in NYC, sidelining in fitness, yet to become a Mindfulness Facilitator for stress reduction, but starting to incorporate that in.

I just so happened to meet a fellow Nutritionist from South Africa, who with a head full of gray, had just booked a Clinique modeling campaign, and moved into a trendy downtown NYC neighborhood (mine!).

We talked shop about different nutrition trainings, how there’s really no simple path. She was encouraging me to see something through that I was challenged by, no matter how challenging. She was about investing in what’s needed for the long-term.

Fast forward to 2017 when Vanity Fair recently featured her as the oldest cover girl ever at age 79.Turns out, the woman giving me advice had been Elon Musk’s mom. Who knew.

Her sage wisdom clearly served Tesla’s creator well. Brief as it was, it was exactly what I, for one, needed to here, and I happily pass it along to you.

Personal wellness is all about the long-game, through and through. It’s about our present moment choices that still keep the horizon in mind, so that we enjoy the moment but not at the expense of our fuller potential. It’s about going the distance, with the understanding that while "life is short," life is also long.

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